Professional Plating Services for  Aerospace & Automotive Industries

Setting the standard for precision and durability in every finish.  Our excellence towards Service and Quality separate our company from any competitor.

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Enhancing metal components with a protective layer through electrochemical processes.


Creating durable and corrosion-resistant coatings vital for aerospace and automotive applications.


Increasing the corrosion resistance of stainless steel and enhancing the oxide layer.

Chemical Film Coating

Providing a protective layer improving conductivity, corrosion resistance, and adhesion.

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Quality is our Most Valued Asset

There are no more Professional Plating Company that TJ Plating Corporation, look no further! We are here to be your most valued partner for your company metal plating, and finishing needs. With our Quality Oriented Services we offer high technological competences that cater to a wide range of industries. 

Our staff provides high-quality, precision metal finishing services to commercial, military and aerospace specifications. We use strict controls throughout our facility to provide consistent repeatability and the majority of our plating baths are our own proprietary formulations.

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Latest Projects

Project Title

Successfully plated critical aircraft components, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Our precision coatings met stringent industry standards, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics, solidifying our reputation as leaders in aerospace plating excellence.

Project Title

Transformed aircraft interiors by applying corrosion-resistant plating, enhancing both passenger safety and comfort. Our meticulous approach and durable finishes not only improved aesthetics but also elevated the overall in-flight experience.

Project Title

Collaborated with leading aerospace manufacturers to plate intricate engine components, optimizing performance under extreme conditions. Our expertise in corrosion protection and thermal resistance ensured reliability and longevity in demanding operational environments.

We’ve Been Around For Over 10 Years

For over a decade, we’ve been mastering the art of aerospace plating.  Since our beggining we’ve grown into a trusted name in the industry. With each passing year, we’ve honed our skills, learned from challenges, and embraced innovation. Our journey has been filled with countless projects. From day one to today, our commitment to quality has never wavered. So, when you choose us, you’re not just getting a service, you’re getting a decade’s worth of dedication and know-how.

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World Class Plating Services

Our Management Team works closely with each facility’s team of QC inspectors to ensure our customers’ parts are processed within specification. A fully equipped lab ensures process controls and full environmental compliance. 

Quality our Main Commitment

To meet or exceed customer requirements in a timely manner. To be the leader in contract electroplating and metal fabrication through continual improvement as a result of ongoing review, training, and communication. 


When it comes to our aerospace plating, think top-notch quality all the way! We’re all about making your parts shine and last. Our crew doesn’t just meet the rules, we go above and beyond. With the best tech and skilled hands, we make sure your stuff looks great and stays tough. Whether it’s for style or strength, you can count on us. So, when you need aerospace plating, we’re the ones to call!


 We are Registered under ISO 9001:2015.

Client Testimonials

Working with this aerospace plating company was a game-changer for our business. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality surpassed our expectations. Our components not only looked great but also performed exceptionally.

Quality Control Manager

I can’t recommend this plating company enough! Their expertise in aerospace plating is unmatched. They provided excellent customer service throughout the project, ensuring our specific requirements were met with precision and care.

Procurement Director

Choosing this company for our aerospace plating needs was the best decision we made. Their professionalism to delivering on time was truly impressive. We’ll definitely be working with them again in the future.

Engineering Project Manager

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