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Latest Cost Factors


Minimum wage in Mexico went up 20% starting January 1st. Since 2018 the minimum wage has increased by 300% and will continue in a rate of 20% annualy.

Upcoming Changes in Mexico

Christmas Bonus

Increase to 30 Days Minimum


Increase from 10% to 25%

Weekly Working Hours

Reduction from 48hr to 40hrs 

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Baja California, Mexico, is key player in nearshoring, and its importance is set to grow significantly in the upcoming years. This strategic region offers several advantages for businesses seeking to relocate or expand their operations:

Collaborate with LCM Solutions, and by aligning with us, you secure our support system that stands ready for your business’s when you are struggling to implement a new Project, ensuring growth and triumph together.

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Choose a partner who not only speaks your language but stays by your side, working collaboratively to solve problems. We redefine consulting – because your business deserves more than just a pricey pep talk.

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PM / Coaching

Our Team Experts will guide you through the different challenges you might face.

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We Develop Proposals for Semi-Automated or Fully Automated Solutions. 

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Lean Management

LCM Resources will stay with you until the targets and savings are achieved.

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Digital Transformation

Our Team Experts will guide you through the different steps and challenges of Manufacturing 4.0

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🌍 Take Action Now: Seize the opportunity to future-proof your manufacturing enterprise! Act today to prevent the escalating burden of manual labor costs. Let LCM Solutions  be your catalyst for transformative change.

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Training Investment Lost

How much Money have your company spend in Training that has never returned the Investment?

LCM Solutions give you immediate access to experts that will implement your Projects, save Money while you continue your drive for Growth and Success.

Talented People Turnover

The Salary Competition across business have placed a scenario where is quite common to lose talented staff due to a Salary War between organizations.

LCM Solutions will keep you out of this fight, with us productivity, project continuity, and overall organizational effectiveness will be up even with the talent lost due to turnover.

Hiring Expensive Skill

Because who doesn’t love investing a fortune in training top-notch talent, just to watch them become someone else’s prized possession? It’s the business strategy equivalent of a magic trick – pay a lot, and poof, they’re gone. Abracadabra, your investment disappeared faster than you can say ‘competitive job market.

Business Impacted by Our Staff Projects

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