Labor Cost Savings

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Manual Assembly Headcount Reduction

Manual Assembly

Say goodbye to tedious labor-intensive tasks and unlock a future where automation and semi-automatic systems reign. 

AI Quality Check

Move towards AI with high efficiency automatic inspection systems installation.

Reduce Production Leads

Reducing Headcount will allow you to reduce your investment in High Skilled Supervisory Requirements.

Overtime Reduction

Looking to boost your productivity and achieve higher efficiency? LCM Solutions has the answer. Say goodbye to long hours and overtime.

“The success of a production depends on the clear understanding of what needs to be produced and the ability to deliver it with precision and quality.” 

Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota Motor Corporation

There is expected to be a fight for manual labor resources in the market

Gain a competitive advantage in the manual labor market. Our consulting drives cost savings without upfront fees, positioning your company for success. Partner with us for strategic dominance

Benefit from  everything that means having less headcount in your plant.

Minimize headaches with a leaner team in your plant. Experience streamlined operations, enhanced efficiency, and reduced complexities. Choose the path to success with fewer personnel hassles.


Increase of Labor Cost in Mexico for 2024 1st Quarter, plus  an estimated additional 20% by mid year with Work Hour Reduction Change in México.

Start saving in labor cost without any investment; our fees are derived from the cost avoidance, ensuring a risk-free Solution for you!

To embrace Manufacturing 4.0, prioritize efficiency. Elevate your processes with Life Cycle Management (LCM) – the essential step before diving into AI integration. Hire LCM to optimize operations, laying the groundwork for a seamless transition to the future of manufacturing.



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